Ashley Graham’s Lip Sync Battle Validates Curves are Sexy

If you haven’t already seen Ashley Graham’s recent Lip Sync Battle performance to That Don’t Impress Me Much by Shania Twain, then I’m doing you a HUGE favor by writing this blog post. That performance was extremely empowering, especially for women who have been publicly shamed because of, or who have a hatred for, their appearance.

I’m obsessed with Ashley Graham, but that’s old news. You probably already knew that. Why do I love her? She’s confident, she’s inspiring, she’s intelligent, she’s beautiful, and she’s an amazing activist. I admire the constant risks she takes, and admire the trend setting culture she takes part in. Ashley’s work, whether she realizes it or not, leaves a huge impact on modern society. Every move she makes opens some sort of conversation, whether it’s an internal conversation one has with oneself, or a society wide conversation.

Ashley, unlike many other curvy models, has access to multiple platforms where she can voice (and raise awareness for) what she’s passionate about. With her large following and fame, her messages always seem to circulate. Ashley used Lip Sync Battle as a platform to continue to voice an important message she fully supports: curvy is sexy. And boy does she prove her point.

Watch her performance from start to finish. It isn’t too long, it won’t take too much time. Once I watched it, I had to watch it again. And again. And again. Did you?

Ashley says during the Lip Sync Battle episode that she does not have rhythm, and that she plans on using her ass to win the battle and slay her performance. Well, rhythm or no rhythm, she definitely slayed! I am not a fan of dancing (I definitely don’t have rhythm) or of twerking, but I can’t help but appreciate what Ashley brought to the table.

If she hasn’t already made it clear that curvy is sexy, Ashley certainly proves her point in her performance. Instead of hiding her curves, she flaunts them. Instead of hiding behind loose clothing, Ashley sports a form-fitting, leopard print outfit (bra and high-waisted pants). Instead of hiding behind back up dancers and props, she stood her ground center stage.

Thin is sexy. Television shows, Hollywood movies, magazines, and social media posts make that very clear. But curvy is sexy too, and curvy women are finally being empowered to embrace that. Thank you, Ashley, for showing us how sexy curvy women are. Thank you for leaving it all on the stage, and congratulations on your Lip Sync Battle championship win. You deserve that belt!

P.S. if you’ve never seen Shania Twain’s music video to That Don’t Impress Me Much, watch that below. What do you think about Ashley’s performance?? Let me know in the comments below!


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