What No One Tells You About The Impossible, Like Attending Prom with Kellan Lutz

Hint: It’s possible!

In high school, I didn’t let my lack of friends (more specifically guy friends) get the best of me. Thoughts of prom did spark fear, yes, as I didn’t want to attend the event alone. Heck, I didn’t want to do anything alone. I still don’t, usually. So I made the so-called impossible possible. I asked my celebrity crush/idol—Kellan Lutz— to prom. And he said yes. 

Growing up, I had multiple celebrity idols and crushes. Who didn’t? I observed which works celebrities involved themselves with, researched and watched various interviews, and followed different fan accounts during the rise of Facebook and Twitter. Admittedly, my life was not as horrible as I felt it was at the time. I had parents, grandparents, and a godmother that loved me. I had the best dogs in the world. But still, I felt vulnerable and outcasted. I went through friendships extremely quickly and lived under a very dark cloud for a while. When times got tough, well, as tough as they can be for a well-off teenage girl, I admired celebrities. I covered my bedroom walls in posters. I made social media profiles to keep up with their lives, because their lives were way more interesting and appealing then mine.

By the time I was 13, I was a huge fan of Kellan Lutz’s. He was in Twilight, and I was most definitely a Twihard. I loved him in his other roles to, especially in Love, Wedding, Marriage and A Warrior’s Heart. Whenever he was on social media, or was talked about on social media, he was doing great things. Starring in a new movie? Check. Launching a campaign to encourage pet adoption? Check. Promoting positivity through inspirational quotes every once and a while on Twitter? Check. I loved him. I loved how happy he was, loved his positive outlook.


Over the years, we built a celebrity and fan relationship on Twitter. He would tweet me back, I would freak out in excitement. In January 2014, I won a Skype session with him thanks to a contest for his new film The Legend of Hercules. A mini-friendship blossomed. January 2015 came around and girls in my school were already being promposed to; they were even buying their prom dresses already and posting pictures so no one would wear the same dress. I didn’t want to attend prom alone, there was no way I was going to go by myself while my friends went with dates. I always felt like a third wheel with family and friends, I wasn’t going to attend prom and feel the same way.

My friends and I joked about asking Kellan to be my prom date, but I didn’t have the guts to ask. As usual, I was afraid of being let down. My friend Nikki B. took charge and posted three Vines, in which she asked Kellan to go to prom with me. He replied to her and I on Twitter, asking about prom details. For the next few months, we kept in touch. Despite his busy schedule as an actor, model, and inventor, he made a real effort to be my prom date. After hearing back from Kellan, who gave me slight hope that he would be my prom date, I set my mind to going to prom with him. I believed he would come with every ounce of my existence. I received an official yes to my promposal the day before prom, and on June 5, 2015, I attended prom with a man who had brought me happiness for years.




I was incredibly awkward. I talked too much to Kellan. I was selfish and didn’t want to share him with my classmates, many of whom who treated me like an outsider for many years. I cringe at thinking about things I said and how I acted that night. But I was so, so, so happy.

Every now and then I’ll send Kellan a tweet thanking him for prom. And looking back today, two-years after prom, I am even more grateful that Kellan escorted me to prom. My prom experience taught me a lesson: I can achieve anything I set my mind to. Yes, I’m still on an ongoing journey to better health and self-love. I haven’t made much progress in a while, but I can and I will make my dreams happen. I deserve it, even if my teenage-self didn’t think so.


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