Photo Credits: Warner Bros

Wonder Woman is the Inspirational Hero We’ve Been Waiting For

Today my friend Lindsey and I saw Wonder Woman in IMAX 3D, and I have felt inspired ever since. From animated movies to action movies, I absolutely love being inspired by a character’s capabilities, especially when characters can do anything and everything, like Diana in Wonder Woman.

Our minds are powerful tools: we can set our minds on some seemingly insane, extraordinary goals and actually attain them with hard work and persistence. When we feel down and dreary, though, our goals do not typically get achieved. Instead, life can seem pretty boring, uneventful, or even depressing. It was extremely refreshing and motivating to see a strong, powerful woman speak up for herself and for what she believes in, take action, and achieve her aspirations. Something I lack is self confidence, but Diana’s character (also known as Wonder Woman) showed confidence in herself and her abilities. She showed strong perseverance when times got tough. Her character was exactly what I needed to see to get me out of my slump.

I don’t want to give any spoilers because I want all of my readers to watch Wonder Woman, but let me just say Diana never let anyone or anything get in her way of chasing her clear goal. Nothing could bring her down or take away her motivation, not even hardships or grief. Diana doesn’t give up, even when a main conflict she’s worked towards does not resolve in the expected way.

The female leads are incredible, and the male co-stars show the perfect amount of strength and support. Every viewer can take away something different from the film, depending on what you enjoy and love. Me? I loved the strength, dedication, power, and confidence shown throughout the film. I also loved the romance…I can’t help it! I’m a hopeless romantic! I truly loved Wonder Woman, and I hope that you watch the film and love it as much as I do. Every woman is capable of being a Wonder Woman in her own way, and I’m hopeful that this movie will help me build my confidence to accomplish every extraordinary goal I set. I’m also hopeful that the same can happen for you!

What are your thoughts on the film? Were you inspired by it like I was? Please let me know in the comments below!!


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