Danielle Brooks Shares Inspiring Words About Beauty with People Magazine

People Magazine recently released its Most Beautiful Women spread for 2017, featuring women from a range of races and sizes. I was SO excited to see which beautiful women were featured, including Chrissy Metz, Viola DavisNina Dobrev, Danielle Brooks and others. Out of everyone, Danielle really stood out to me because of the message she shared with the magazine about beauty. To hear that message, watch her segment of People’s World’s Most Beautiful: Not a Drop of Makeup episode.


Let’s appreciate what Danielle shared during this video:

“I know for a fact that I am beautiful, and what I do know for a fact is that we are spirits, at the end of the day, regardless of how much melanin we have, or how many pimples we have, or how curly or straight our hair is. It’s really about what we have inside of us, that makes us who we are.”

Beauty isn’t restricted to one shape, one size, or one shade. Beauty does not have a list of requirements. Beauty isn’t something that’s merely physical; beauty comes from within. And Danielle preaches this when describing beauty. Her inspiring wisdom continues as she says:

“People just need to realize that there’s so much beauty in who they are in their skin and to find that beauty within themselves.”

I just think it’s so refreshing to hear someone in the media’s eye send out positivity to the world. Instead of looking at images of photoshopped celebrities and wanting to be as beautiful as them, Danielle is sending the message that we should all appreciate our own beauty. These are words that I definitely need to adopt in my own life. I need to put my ideas of beauty aside and appreciate my own looks, and more importantly, my own thoughts and feelings. What about you? Do you think Danielle’s beliefs about beauty could help you learn to appreciate your beauty? Who or what inspires you to feel beautiful? Let me know in the comments below!


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