Thinking You’re Ugly Is Bad for Self-Esteem and Body Image

This morning I watched Meaghan Ramsey’s TED talk “Why thinking you’re ugly is bad for you”, and as I watched her speech, I thought about how important her message was. Although her speech focuses on changing the thoughts of our young nieces, nephews, cousins, children, and friends to body positive thoughts, I thought it would be a perfect message to apply to our own lives. Why do we stop taking the time to encourage our cousins, siblings, friends, nieces and nephews to smile and laugh as they grow older? Even worse, why and when do we stop trying to make ourselves smile and laugh every day?

In her speech, Ramsey stresses the importance of changing the way we think, talk, and educate ourselves and each other about body image and self-esteem. She points out and encourages reflection about our critics, because after all, we tend to be our very own worst critics. If we’d like to change the pattern of self-hatred for our cousins, nieces, nephews, and children, we must begin a journey to change our own self-hatred patterns. This will not be an easy task, but like everything in life, we must take one baby step at a time.  

You should definitely watch Ramsey’s “Why thinking you’re ugly is bad for you” (posted below!) if you’ve ever felt negative about yourself. While you watch, I’d encourage you to direct your entire attention to the talk. Reflect about your life and your loved ones. Take this ‘me’ time and consider the importance of your own self-love. Because if you don’t work on your self-esteem, how can you expect others to take your advice to love themselves?


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